Server Rules

The below rules are a general guideline for all players on NeonHeights' Team Fortress 2 servers. These are NOT the donator abuse rules that act to determine whether or not a donator is abusing his/her powers. Donator rules can be found on the Donator Information tab. Any player caught disobeying these rules will be delt with by a member of our staff, which depending on the severity of the situation, could result in a kick or permanent ban.

Official Server Rules

1. No HLDJ overspam, ear-rape, or excessive spamming. Take turns!
2. No playing music through your mic, use a program such as HLDJ
3. No chat spam, keep messages to every 3-4 seconds
4. No pornographic or racist sprays
5. No scamming, hacking, or broker services and gamble at your OWN risk!
6. No disrespecting staff, donators, or players
7. No impersonating staff members for any reason
8. No non-steam related trades (No selling Server Credits, gift cards, accounts etc…)
9. No micspamming on Server #6 (Trade Plaza)

Also a quick note, spawn camping is NOT against the rules. Players are allowed to spawn camp to their heart's content. Our staff will not help you if you message us regarding spawn campers. Remember to spycrab, and raffle at your own risk, while we try very hard to keep scammers away from our servers, we cant get them all. Remember that raffles can be easily rigged and manipulated as well, so don't go giving away your hard-earned items to a stranger hosting a raffle if it seems sketchy!