How to donate

We run one of the largest donator programs of any server group on Team Fortress 2. We've been accepting donations now for over three years and have run an incredibly successful program for all players who are willing to donate a little bit to help us pay for our monthly server bills. Donators are given access to a large variety of different commands to use on our servers (for a full list, check the commands tab). With the support from all of our amazing donators and players, we're able to keep running lag free servers with constantly updated maps and plugins!

If you're considering donating, there are a few things you should know before you make your final decision. First off, you must read and follow the donator rules we have created. If you are reported or caught breaking any of these rules, no warning will be given and your donator will be stripped from you without a refund. We aim to make the servers a fun place for everyone, and if you do not agree with any of the rules then please do not donate. While we encourage you to have fun with your commands, we suggest you do so on the donator server. We pay for an entirely separate server just for donators to have fun and mess around on, so go check it out if you haven't already! Providing you do not break any of the donator rules, your donator status is permanent and will never be removed unlike other servers which make you donate every month. Note that donator perks are non-transferable, meaning the perks stay on the account you donate on and will not be moved to a different account.

Donator Rules (Servers 1 to 8)

1. Do not kill, damage or harm other players when using commands that give an unfair advantage
2. Do not use commands to annoy, block, or punish others
3. Do not sell commands/abilities
4. Do not use commands on other players EVER, only use them on yourself
5. Never use @all, @blue, or @red commands
—- The ONLY time you can use @all, @red, or @blue commands is if you are using the raffle plugin
6. Do not take situations into your own hands. If you have a problem with someone contact an admin

Donator Rules (Donator Server ONLY)

1. Do not sell commands/abilities, give them out for free if you want but do not sell them
2. Never use @all, @blue or @red commands
—- The ONLY time you can use @all, @red, or @blue commands is if you are using the raffle plugin
3. Respect all players, including non-donators and do not be a troll

The above rules are very important if you intend to keep your donator ranking for a long time to come. We've had a fair number of people donate and either skim through them and miss the important ones, or just skip reading the rules all together. Then they go and do something silly like toggle a command on a player, and have their donator status removed as a result. Please memorize these rules and ask one of our admins if you have any questions about them, don't ask another donator because sometimes they might be wrong or confused themselves. If you forget any of the rules in-game you can type /specialrules or /donatorrules in chat to bring up the page.

Once you've read everything on this page, and you understand the rules, you can click here to begin the donation process.